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Setting up a RenWeb Account

Setting up your Renweb account


How to Use Renweb:

Logging in for the First Time

* Parents (and older students) need to create a ParentsWeb account.

* Each student old enough to view their own gradebook should have a separate account

* In an Internet browser window, navigate to

* Hover over Logins and select ParentsWeb Login

* Click Create New ParentsWeb Account

* You will need a district code to register. If you do not know the district code call us at (412) 466-1919 or email to ask.

* Type your Email address. This must be the email address that in RenWeb for the individual- each parent/guardian and student should have one of their own on file.

* Click Create Account. An email is sent with a hyperlink to create the account.

* Notify if you have any problems with your login.

How to access Renweb via mobile ap: click here