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"When Cornerstone comes to Grove City College, every young person on that team is polite, respectful, and enthusiastic toward me and every other person on every other team…they are leaders. They make every other team in the competition better just by being who they are. After winning the overall, they were huddled up giving thanks (with thousands streaming by) because they know where that talent, creativity and hard-work ethic come from. These are young people who love the Lord their God with all their hearts, all their souls and all their minds. They love their neighbors as themselves. I look at them and I’m amazed. More importantly, Jesus Christ looks at them and He is pleased.”
-Grove City College Professor

“Our family tried public school for a few years. My son was failing emotionally and his grades were beginning to follow. At the end of 2nd grade, he declared he would never go back. Through a series of Godly interventions, we were able to come to Cornerstone. We have watched as our boy continues to heal from his earlier experiences; and blossoms into a young leader for Christ. This is the start of our third year and he loves coming to school. He has extra opportunities through school to play the ukulele, trombone and basketball, in addition to belonging to the First Lego League robotics team. He is thriving spiritually, emotionally and academically. The teachers and staff are encouraging, but firm. As a family, we are so grateful for Cornerstone, their commitment to these students is immeasurable.”
-Tim & Vicki Booher, Team Cornerstone Parents

"Mandy and I feel over blessed by the service and teaching that Cornerstone Prep has provided this year for Cody. We truly believe that God has impacted Cody and our family immensely these past few months. This school has been our constant reminder of sacrifice and God’s love. You have an amazing team at the school and we are grateful to all of you. Thank you so much for all that you do!"
-Jarrod & Mandy Hill (Both WCA Alumnae Class of 2004), Team Cornerstone Parents

#This Is Cornerstone
"The school’s staff and students are all like one big family. Everyone is always there for each other and supports them. The teachers make sure the students know what to do and how to do it. It’s very nice because you feel like you always have someone to go to when something isn’t right or there is a problem."
-Student at Cornerstone Prep, 2018-2019 School Year

"Cornerstone is a really life-changing experience for many kids and even some of the teachers. This school is really a blessing in my life. Before I came to a Christian school, my parents weren’t really sure if me or my siblings would be able to come to Cornerstone. If I would have never came to Cornerstone, my faith would not be where it is right now."
-Student of Cornerstone Prep, 2018-2019 School Year