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Prince Jarbo graduated from Cornerstone in 2016. He demonstrated a solid work ethic both in his studies and on the job. Prince was a peacemaker, loved and respected by the entire Cornerstone family. He entered the American Field Services (AFS) Project Change essay competition, in which he proposed an education project that would empower the youth of his country in the aftermath of 14 years of a brutal civil war. His project was selected 4th out of approximately 1000 entries, earning Prince an all expense paid trip to India that August as part of a youth team project to help eradicate India's dual problems of hunger and obesity.

A few weeks later Prince sent a proposal to the President of Liberia requesting support of his project designed to educate youth on the importance of sustainability through a series of workshops in Liberian schools. His goal was to help elevate the youth to a point where they would stop thinking of themselves as victims and choose to be co-creators of a flourishing Liberia that can sustain the dreams of its people again. Prince has worked with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) and is now fulfilling a few years training in the US military before entering college to earn his degree in international economics and business administration. He then intends to pursue his calling to uplift Liberia and other nations with similar problems.

Local competition begins with the unveiling of the new challenge at a big deal reveal event. Teams go home with their bins of approved materials and 6 weeks later arrive at a local college "hub" to compete against other high school teams. This year we moved from the Grove City College hub to help kick off a brand new BEST Robotics hub at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). Watch the Tru-Fit video below to learn about the many aspects of a BEST Robotics competition. You'll see why Cornerstone calls that "Authentic Education".