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Choose to Direct Your State Income Taxes and Substantially Impact Responsible Citizenship

Invest in training voters and leaders we can trust to preserve the values upon which this nation was founded. Faith and Freedom benefits all of humanity, regardless of an individual's religious beliefs.

  • This is a chance to Support education of leaders in a successful proven system
  • Choose to support schools with great vision and outcomes. It takes resources to provide an academically challenging private PK to 12 education. Cornerstone's founding imperative was that no mission appropriate student should be excluded if families could not afford full tuition. Perhaps that explains our exceptional record of success. Students with great potential in authentic education settings, with Biblical discipleship teacher-coaches, are filled with passion to learn and support each other with increasingly successful outcomes.

Watch Powerful Testimony about why Cornerstone's system is so increasingly successful- from Dr. Mike Bright (Electrical and Computer Engineering Chair, Grove City College) delivered live at our Thanksgiving Dinner Celebration in November 2013

Special Purpose Entities are TODAY'S BEST Opportunity EVER for Contributors, Students, Schools and even the State Education Budget

  • Learn why many supporters want to join a special purpose entity.
  • Help us locate the ones who align best with our mission.

We now offer 2 new entities they can join- "Cornerstone Prep (EITC and OSTC) Scholarship Supporters, LLC"

  • Many worthy charities seek support for very compelling causes. That's charitable giving, and we appreciate our many charitable donors who fund many programs and needs at Cornerstone including scholarships.
  • SPE giving is different because it is money people are required to pay anyway for taxes.

Tax Credits are CRITICALLY Limited and Time is of the Essence- Help expand programs and successful outcomes for more students TODAY!

LEARN from expert advisors:

  • Who qualifies to redirect their taxes
  • Why supporters are eager to participate (Benevolence and financial benefits, how these differ after tax reform)
  • How to request/secure tax credits (Attendees can request tax credits at end of the meeting on Monday, July 23) It's best if all available credits are fully reserved by month end!
  • How EVERYONE can help launch this critical program
  • How this program benefits our students & families, staff, school, contributors, AND reduces state education costs

Join us Monday July 23, 6:00pm at Cornerstone (Sportatorium Entrance)


More information will be posted here after the event on July 23.

Please contact Mrs, Cindi McCall, Executive Director for details at (412) 466-1919 or via

Thank you!