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Cornerstone Prep is committed to Authentic Education, Biblical Discipleship, and our Connected Engaged Community. The ambitious student outcomes we expect and have experienced depend upon:

  • Our qualified, dedicated staff, faculty, courses and programs that thoroughly prepare students to flourish,
  • Excellent facilities, equipment, supplies and technology, for our curricular, co-curricular, extracurricular, and athletic programs,
  • Smaller class sizes that maximize learning environments,
  • and "mission appropriate" students to be part of the team!

We understand that many families have students who want to attend Cornerstone Prep, but based on family income and other circumstances, cannot afford FULL tuition. Those children and families can be a valuable asset to our school, and that is where we want to help. Cornerstone Prep is committed to the successful Biblical model of cost-based tuition and adequate  need-based financial aid so no mission appropriate student is excluded because of family finances, as long as the family qualifies via our confidential financial aid application and verification process, and are faithful to provide all they can to support the school’s mission.

Our practice is not to publish tuition information on our website. We gladly share that information with those who visit and are engaged in the enrollment process.