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Cornerstone Prep is an independent, non-denominational Christian School. Our self-perpetuating board of directors is comprised of 10 members with varieties of gifts and talents to lead our academy very well. We know that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit play powerful roles in the salvation and discipleship of the children entrusted to us by their parents for their Christian education. As directors, we are stewards who share accountability for how we build on this foundation, and for the fruit that remains for His glory. To that end our board members, administrators, and staff all must be born-again believers, called and committed to this ministry of Christian education, and to function as an indivisible team submitted to the Lord our God.

History: Immediately prior to the 2016-17 school year, the executive leadership, staff and students of Cornerstone Christian Preparatory Academy (est. 2008- formerly located in South Park) merged into Wilson Christian Academy (est. 1977-West Mifflin). The boards of both organizations also merged and new members were added, providing a "3-fold-cord" of protection to equip, consult, and establish policies that govern the leadership of this beloved academy. With our name change to Cornerstone Christian Preparatory Academy, Wilson Campus, a new season was established with emphasis on authentic education, Biblical discipleship and a connected community to help sustain the legacy of those who came before us.

“Our primary goal is to honor the Lord by the existence of the Academy.  Our prayer is that each, as a member, and all, as a body, be Christ-like examples in word and walk; that the Board show strong spiritual guidance to all staff, students, and parents. We will provide a godly atmosphere with the school while maintaining the highest academics.” WCA Board of Directors August 1990

Current Members: The president of our board is highly qualified in financial management and executive leadership of a well established, non-denominational church. Our vice-president is a recently retired principal of a large Blue Ribbon public school. Half of our team members have extensive years of experience in Christian education leadership. Others possess valuable business and entrepreneurial skills in marketing and business consulting. One is a development professional for a large foundation, another a business and graphic design specialist, and several have extensive experience investing in and resourcing Christian schools to support high quality school choices for families with limited incomes.

Please commit to regular prayer for our board and their families, faculty, staff, students, families, the church at large and Christian education worldwide as we seek to fortify young believers to flourish as disciples in our greatest of all callings as disciples of Jesus Christ. (Matthew 28:18-20)


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