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Lunch Program:
The school offers 1 main entrée per day as well as snacks, drinks, and other microwavable foods.  The lunch program is cashes so all students who want to purchase food should have money on their renweb accounts. You can add money to your child’s account via the parent web. 


You can order the entrée 1 month at a time or weekly you cannot order the entrée the day of. We prepare based on the number of order we have. They could be times when we have extra and we will sell that to any student who want to purchase. If ordering weekly you must order by Sunday at 11:30pm.

Snacks can be purchase the day of or ordered ahead of time. 

When you put money on your account, you will see a negative balance that is how Renweb works. As your child buys things that balance will move towards a positive number. Once your balance reaches zero, we will not allow purchases on that account. Think of it as a debit card, not a credit card. You can’t purchase food unless there is money in the account. We will have food available for those that forget lunch. 

You can log in into your account and add money or send money to the main office and we can add it to your account. 

If you have any questions about the lunch program please email: and please cc 

RenWeb Lunch Ordering Instructions: 

Login to RenWeb –You can click on the Renweb login at the top right of the school’s website

Select "Student Information" 

Select "Lunch" 

· When the calendar appears, arrow over to calendar (month being ordered). 

· Scroll to the bottom of the calendar page, select "Create Web Order." 

· Enter the "Quantity" for each of the items you wish to order 

· Place order for each child by selecting Tabs at top of the screen. 

- After completion of your order, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Order Items." Payment Process...... 

·The next screen to appear will be: Web order created: Total value of unprocessed ordered items is $ xx.xx. 

- Please Note: It may take several minutes for the "Select Payment Method" screen to appear. Do not leave the page, be patient. 

Follow the prompts to pay for your order. (You may pay by echeck, Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express.) 

Orders will not be processed without your on-line payment! If you don’t pay online we will be able to track the order. Remember you must have money on your account for the order to be given out to your child.