Uniform-Style Dress Code

Cornerstone Prep has a uniform STYLE dress code to help maintain a businesslike academic environment, while offering students a large selection of styles and colors.

Guidelines to follow in selecting clothing 

Click here for regular days- 2016-2017 Dress Code

Administration reserves the right to determine whether an item is appropriate.

Casual Day Attire or Casual Dress for $1 Day!

(All regular day dress is allowed too!)

Tops: T-shirts, sports jerseys, sweatshirts, hoodies (with sleeves, traditional t-shirt fabric only, crew neck or high V necks only), spirit gear, denim/sporty jackets

Bottoms: Jeans, nylon jogging pants, jogger pants, shorts (no shorter than 2" above knee), loose fit capris ok for girls

Colors: Alternate colors are acceptable

Shoes: Regular day shoe dress code applies (no sandals)

The fine print: T-shirts and sports jerseys need sleeves and a crew neck, or something under them that does. Everything needs to be loose fitted. Any pictures or messages need to be consistent with our honor principles and Christian testimony. No holes or cutouts in clothing.

Tips! If not loose enough fit – be sure to wear an over-garment (like a sweater, hoodie, longer button up shirt, fleece, or sweatsuit-style jacket long enough to cover the tighter fitted spots.) Make sure items are clean and in good condition, without holes or fraying. Modesty guidelines apply. (Loose fit means you can pinch an inch of loose fabric all over- NOT STRETCH an inch (no stretchy fabrics are dress code unless they are loose enough to pass the pinch an inch test)

Please do not wear: cotton sweat pants, yoga pants, bike pants, skinny pants/jeans, spandex or stretchy fabrics, anything not clearly loose fit or shorter than top of the kneecap. No clothing with secular musicians/music groups, dragons, skulls, gothic graphics or anything not clearly within the guidelines for Cornerstone Prep casual day (the administration has final say about whether an item is approriate. If you aren’t sure, be safe and please do not wear it to school!

Casual days are NOT  automatic. When announced these are the guidelines students are expected to follow unless directed otherwise in writing.

PE Attire- all grade levels

A solid colored T-shirt (must be crew neck with no pictures) or a Cornerstone or Wilson T-shirt- All T’s must be loose fit with sleeves

Solid colored sweat pants or jogging/warm up pants (no writing, snaps or zippers, may have a stripe), or shorts (no shorter than 2″ above knee) all loose fit

Athletic shoes and socks

If a student cannot wear the appropriate PE dress code for any reason, student must come in regular dress code on their scheduled PE day.